March 27, 2024

Finding Our Spark at a Spring Training Baseball Game

March 27, 2024

You never know when a young person will find something that sparks their interest and passion! Recently, youth from the Friends - Phoenix program joined family members and Friends at a Chicago White Sox spring training game and had several opportunities for excitement and inspiration. From checking out the baseball players' fancy cars in the parking lot on the way in to the ballpark to home runs hit in the very first inning, the outing got off to a fun start! Our group of about 40 people enjoyed trying kettle-cooked popcorn, dancing to the music in between batters, and touring the stadium.

During the fourth inning, Joseph, one of our professional mentors called Friends, took a group of youth over to the outfield area where many watch the game from the grass and try to catch any home run balls that are hit their way. Though no home runs were hit to them, the excitement all of the youth showed every time a ball was hit was contagious! On their way back to their seats, the group paused to take a picture next to a statue of White Sox Hall of Famer, Frank Thomas.

Back at their seats, one youth took a special interest in current Chicago White Sox star player Luis Robert. Joseph shared his knowledge of Robert's journey to success and they got to watch Robert make a few highlight-worthy plays. The youth declared that Robert is now his favorite baseball player and he likes the number 88 that he wears on his jersey. Joseph encouraged the youth that with hard work, practice, and dedication, he too can be successful at whatever he puts his mind to.

We love sharing stories of youth experiencing new things and finding their spark! With your support, we can continue sharing these opportunities with youth in our community.